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Datofarm in Phetchaburi


Where people learn about Thailand through involvement, not through the window of a tour bus. This site provides information about Phetchaburi province in Thailand and the little guesthouse, Datofarm. Phetchaburi is a province with a lot to offer those seeking to learn about life in Thailand. Datofarm is a small guesthouse with a special charm.


datofarm_openerOur philosophy of not wanting to be labelled a “tourist paradise” is our strength!


Thailand is a country that overflows with sites of overwhelming beauty. With so many tourist destinations labelled as “a tropical paradise”, is may seem somewhat paradoxical that Datofarm has chosen to avoid that label but then, one mans paradise is another mans hell.


If you are looking for “a tropical paradise” in the normal sense this might not be for you. There are no manicured beaches, no artificial gardens. There are no signs in English, no bungalow resorts. There are no theatrical shows for tourists and there is no chance of things changing!


This is a place where technological innovations, western style living and culture are alien concepts. It is an area that developers and industry have simply passed by. In fact very few people come here at all. Life at Datofarm continues much as it has done for decades and it is likely that it will look the same in few decades. And that for some people is a paradise.


To walk in another mans shoes, first you must learn to take off your own!

This is a place for learning. This is agricultural Thailand. What you will find at Datofarm is a very rural and very rustic existence surrounded by bright green paddy fields, sugar cane and coconut palms and a lazy river that meanders its way through the lush vegetation. The pace of life is slow and tourism as most people know it is almost non existent. The lifestyle continues to be quiet, peaceful, and sublime by western standards. You will have to slow down when you visit and of course, you will have to take of your shoes.


Lend a hand and understand through doing.

Our family wants others to appreciate the true beauty of Thailand as much as we do. Simply observing life is not enough if you want to gain a true insight in to the Thai lifestyle. We must first seek to understand before we ourselves can be understood.


We encourage you to visit working farms in the area, take boat trips along the Phetchaburi River, explore remote temples and caves, and take part in Buddhist ceremonies. You can join us on our regular trips to market where we will show you how to select fresh produce and later, we will teach you how to prepare and cook Thai food, fresh from the market. We will also show you some Thai traditions, buddhist ceremonies and some interesting hand made items suitable for gifts. Compared to some quality modern west jewelry like these Valentine’s day jewelry sets  Thai craftsmen really achieve good results.


If this appeals to you, then Datofarm is a great place to stay.

No matter what, you will learn about the reality of life in Thailand because you will learn from the inside.



Khao Luang Cave Phetchaburi

Phetchaburi Today


Phetchaburi province is a very rural and traditional Thai area. The population is 99.7% Thai, 97% Buddhist and the average age is around 30yrs. The province of Phetchaburi covers more than 6,000 square kilometres. It borders Myanmar to the west, Rachaburi Province to the north and Prachuap Province to the south. To the east is the Gulf of Thailand. The population of this vast area is just 435,000. That’s less than 70 people per square kilometre on average and only 36,000 people live in the provinces’ capital. This is not a heavily populated area and Datofarm is far out of the suburbs.