Out and About – Activities Around Datofarm

For the action oriented, Datofarm has a lot to offer. If you tired of reading books, playing games and just taking it easy, you can learn about traditional rural life and you can experience the hidden joys of Thailand.

Here is a taste of just a few of the things you can do in the area.


You can travel by boat along the Phetchaburi river to visit remote temples and riverside markets. As one of only a small number of foreigners in the area this is a totally different experience from the crowded temples and markets of Bangkok! After dusk, we can take you along the river by boat to see thousands of fireflies blinking in the nightsky – a truly unique and fascinating experience!


Being an agricultural area, there are many different things to do throughout the seasons. Discover how rice is produced by visiting one of the farms in the surrounding area. Watch our neighbours or even lend them a hand as the process palm sugar and weave palm leaves for roofs. Join us picking and processing palm fruits and coconuts, collect wild honey, tamarinds, mangoes, bananas and mushrooms.


Help us with our shopping trips to the rural markets where we will show you how to select fresh produce. Or you can catch your own fresh fish from our fishpond. So that you really understand what you are eating my wife Dao or my daughter Nittaya will show you how we prepare food in our kitchens.


Guests of Datofarm are also invited to attend Buddhist Ceremonies in one of the famous temples near to the farm or visit remote temples that are normally far from the beaten track of tourists. If there is an important celebration such as the ordination of a new monk (considered to be a very auspicious occasion for Thai families), or the offering new saffron robes to the monks, we will explain the ceremonies to you and join in as well.

You can also play table tennis, Thai football, take a bike ride, a walk or a hike. And if all of this leaves you exhausted, you can sit back and relax on the veranda with a cup of honey tea made from the wild honey of the nearby forest and locally grown lemons.